Scalp Lotions Kit
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Scalp Lotions Kit

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Get rapid relief whenever and wherever you need it. This kit of two leave-in treatment lotion products work to ease and relieve scalp symptoms. Just apply a couple small drops with the applicator tips and rub-in the lotions directly onto the scalp for sensational relief.


The Scalp Lotions Kit includes: Prosoria Scalp Treatment Lotion Prosoria Anti-Itch Moisturizer

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  •  Effectively Controls Symptoms
  •  Leave-In Potentency
  •  Fast Itch Relief
  •  Natural Botanicals
  •  Steroid-Free

Manage and Control Scalp Symptoms

Prosoria Scalp Lotions Kit is designed with unique pointed applicator tips for non-messy application. These leave-in products are effective because they stay on the scalp and work all day and night to achieve great results. They are not simply washed off like shampoos.

Use the Scalp Treatment Lotion regularly to take control of itching, scaling, flaking, redness, and irritation of scalp. The Anti-Itch Moisturizer is a One-of-a-Kind lotion that relieves itch fast. Use it daily and as often as necessary to relieve itch and irritation. Daily moisturizing and keeping the scalp and skin hydrated speeds results

Scientifically Advanced Formulas

The unique Scalp Lotion and Anti-Itch Moisturizer are left in to work all day and night for maximum results. The Scalp Lotion combines clinical strength Salicylic Acid plus natural botanicals, antioxidants, and vitamins, including Turmeric, Curcumin, Black Seed Oil, and Vitamin E.

The Anti-Itch Moisturizer contains Pramoxine 1% which effectively controls itch and irritation. It also rich in natural botanicals, antioxidants, and vitamins such as Copaiba oil, Curcumin and Vitamin E.

Convenient applicator tips are supplied on both lotion bottles for ease of application directly onto the scalp. When both products are used regularly, scalp symptoms can be well controlled.

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