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Lower Leg, Before

Lower Leg, After 4 Weeks*

Lower Leg, After 16 Weeks*

Thigh, Before

Thigh, After 4 Weeks*

Thigh, After 16 Weeks*

Karl, Before

Karl, After 4 Weeks*

Karl, After 16 Weeks*

Gene, Before

Gene, After 6 Weeks*

Gene, After 12 Weeks*

Charles, Before

Charles, After 2 Weeks*

Charles, After 6 weeks*

Tanya, Before

Tanya, After 2 Weeks*

Tanya, After 8 Weeks*

Karl, Before

Karl, After 9 Days*

Karl, After 16 Weeks*

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After the first week, I could already see progress. I stayed with it for several weeks and continued to see positive improvement. By the end of my evaluation, the scales were practically gone, the and the affected areas were looking much healthier. With Prosoria, I don’t let psoriasis define me, I do!


It’s a total game changer as far as treatments that are available. Within a couple of days I could already tell a difference. I can say I am clear for the first time in 14 years!


Prosoria was easy to use, it spread on quickly, and it wasn't greasy. All the patches on my knees went away. And it's not steroid based, so there were no side effects. Prosoria got rid of my lesions and it's safe. It's is a life saver for me!


The combination of diet and Prosoria (and discontinuing my Rx medicines) has been a winner! My skin is about 98% free from psoriasis!