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Lower Leg, Before

Lower Leg, After 4 Weeks*

Lower Leg, After 16 Weeks*

Thigh, Before

Thigh, After 4 Weeks*

Thigh, After 16 Weeks*

Karl, Before

Karl, After 4 Weeks*

Karl, After 16 Weeks*

Gene, Before

Gene, After 6 Weeks*

Gene, After 12 Weeks*

Charles, Before

Charles, After 2 Weeks*

Charles, After 6 weeks*

Tanya, Before

Tanya, After 2 Weeks*

Tanya, After 8 Weeks*

Karl, Before

Karl, After 9 Days*

Karl, After 16 Weeks*

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Easy to use, no unpleasant smells, no sticky residue and its ALL natural. After using the Prosoria treatment system for 8 weeks my psoriasis was under control. I continue to use these creams, as much as I want without worrying about dangerous side effects from prescription medicine. I highly recommend it ! And your skin will love you!