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Another new psoriasis product. Another likely fail. Psoriasis isn’t an easy condition to treat, and many treatments give mediocre results at best. Our expectations are often so low, even a slight improvement seems like a win. Even with low expectations, we get frustrated, though. If a product isn’t working within the first month, we stop using it and chalk it up to another disappointment. We try to remain hopeful. Maybe the next treatment will be different… maybe THIS treatment will be the one that works for me. But here’s the catch: You may not see results immediately… even if a treatment...

Mike B., psoriasis warrior and patient supporter shares his pearls of wisdom and lessons on how to manage living with psoriasis.  For me it started with an unexplained bump on the palm of my right hand. Not a big deal, but within the next few weeks one turned to many and soon both my palms were cracked, bleeding, and so itchy I could barely stand them. Then, it showed up on the soles of my feet, and soon my legs and arms. It still shocks me how quickly my life went from ‘normal’ to ‘nightmarish’, and how hard everyday tasks...

Alisha Bridges has lived and thrived with psoriasis for over two decades. She is a blogger and health advocate who strives to inspire others with her story of living with a chronic condition. She shares her words of wisdom from her experience with treatment struggles. 

I’ve lived with psoriasis for over two decades. I’ve experienced all the nuances which accompany a chronic illness including finding an effective treatment. One of the biggest challenges for me was using my treatment as directed. I remember the excitement of receiving a new treatment for the first time. It signified hope, a new beginning, and the burning desire to achieve psoriasis free skin. But after about 2 weeks, if I didn’t see what I thought to be reasonable results my motivation to use the treatment began to decrease and eventually the fire I once had quickly went up into smoke.

A research revealed that I wasn’t alone in my frustrations and treatment challenges. There are several reasons why people don’t comply with treatment instructions including: forgets to take dosage, can no longer afford treatment, runs out of medicine before next prescription, becomes fed up with treatment, starts to see improvement so they stop, and questions effectiveness.

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