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Psoriatics In Love: 5 Tips for Navigating Relationships When You Have Psoriasis

Sometimes it can feel like psoriasis has a hand in every part of your life and often, it does. Because the itching, irritation, redness, and plaques are so ever-present, you might never feel truly comfortable in your own skin. Sure, you can use clothing to cover up, or makeup on parts that can't be covered, but that doesn't help with the core psychological body image issues that can develop from living a life with moderate to severe psoriasis.

For some, those issues can make it hard to imagine ever finding love. How could someone love you when you've got this part of yourself that you want to hide from the world? It might seem easier to isolate yourself than deal with the fear of rejection that often comes with explaining to another person that psoriasis is a thing that you have not who you are. In a survey from the National Psoriasis Foundation, 35 percent of respondents said they limited dating or intimate interactions because of their psoriasis.

But, there's good news. Many people with psoriasis have found that communicating openly with their partners about their condition, or being upfront with potential partners while dating, can help strengthen an existing bond or weed out unworthy candidates. Here are a few tips for navigating love when you have psoriasis, whether you're in a long-term relationship or looking for love.

Be Open and Honest, Early On

Many people with psoriasis have found it helpful to communicate with partners or potential partners early in a relationship about their psoriasis. As notes, this can help to alleviate stress (which affects your health-related quality of life) and awkwardness for both partners, since the topic will be out in the open and any questions or concerns can be addressed.

The right partner will listen compassionately and support you unconditionally. In a recent article on dating and psoriasis, Healthline rightly emphasizes that we shouldn't be with someone who makes us feel uncomfortable in our own skin. And, as blogger Julie Cerrone's father told her once, "if someone can't accept you for [your psoriasis], then they're not who you're supposed to be with."

Educate Your Partner

Once you've had an open conversation with your partner about your psoriasis, let them ask any outstanding questions and help educate them about the disease. The National Psoriasis Foundation offers an array of helpful information to bring your loved one up to speed, so they can better understand you, offer their support, and put to rest any of their own concerns.

Be Gentle With Yourself — And Your Partner

Just because you and your partner have had a conversation about your skin condition doesn't mean there won't be bumps along your journey together. Be compassionate with yourself and your partner, anticipating moments of discomfort and accepting them for what they are. Struggling through a tough moment? Humor can help ease the tension. Most importantly, recognize that your psoriasis never defines you, or your relationship.

Find An Outlet

When you don't feel like talking to your partner about your psoriasis, there are other outlets. The National Psoriasis Foundation offers an online discussion forum, where people with psoriasis share questions, tips, and support. Not in a relationship? There are even dating sites and social groups where patients living with psoriasis can connect, like DermaDate, Psoriasis Meetups, and Flaym.

Manage Your Symptoms

Managing the physical symptoms of your psoriasis can go a long way toward calming unseen emotional or intimacy issues. Prosoria's™ once-daily, three-step psoriasis treatment system has been clinically proven to not only relieve psoriasis symptoms, but also help prevent recurrences. We invite you to start your journey to clearer skin today.

And, most of all, we encourage you to remember: psoriasis is a thing you have, not who you are. You are more than this disease and you deserve love. Whether you have a partner already or are looking for one, remember you will be in this together. This is the person who will be by your side for every flare-up and emotional down — if you let them.

Giving someone a chance to love you for you is the best gift you can give in any relationship, and the best to receive. Your journey as a psoriatic in love is one that you don't have to navigate alone. Have questions about how Prosoria™ can help your psoriasis symptoms, contact us today!

Be clearer, be confident, be you.