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What We Believe: Why We Developed Prosoria & How It's Impacting Lives

Helping people is in my nature.

Yes, I was the kid mending birds’ wings with popsicle stick splints. No, I didn’t become a veterinarian, but I still followed my passion — working to improve the lives and well-being of those suffering from health conditions.

I’ve worked in healthcare for my entire career. Eventually, I had the chance to study dermatology and inflammatory diseases. I realized people facing dermatological diseases have more than one struggle — while dealing with their disease they also have to cope with a visible condition that affects their social interactions.

When we treat their disease, we do more than improve their skin — we dramatically affect their lives.

Why Focus on Psoriasis?

During my work in dermatology, I saw a tremendous need in psoriasis. Not long ago, there were only a few ways to treat this condition with minimal results. Now, after many breakthroughs in medicine over the last decade, we have treatment choices with relatively high effectiveness.

But the problem isn’t solved.

See, most people are still really dissatisfied with their current treatment options. A recent survey showed that two out of three people with psoriasis are not satisfied with the results of their current treatments — the condition continues to recur and they’re worried about the long-term safety issues of the prescription medicines.

Psoriasis Is Different From Other Skin Issues

Psoriasis is a tough condition to treat! It flares up at different times, and most medicines only provide partial relief. People feel trapped in the ups and downs of their disease.

Many people stop living normal lives because they want to cover up their condition. Psoriasis leaves scars. Other people notice it and whisper about it. Kids with psoriasis are often too embarrassed to attend public school.

But psoriasis isn’t just embarrassing — it’s misunderstood.

People don’t know a lot about psoriasis. A hundred years ago, it was thought to be related to leprosy. Now we know that’s not true, but people still fear it might be contagious — leaving those with psoriasis having to explain constantly that it’s genetic, not contagious!

See, I’ve known people that deal with psoriasis. I’ve seen first-hand how it affects their lives. Every flare-up affects how they behave in public. Yes, it causes physical suffering, but it causes emotional and social suffering too.

Psoriasis isn’t a first aid-type issue — you can’t just pop a pill or wrap a wound and move on. A psoriasis treatment has to be consistent to be effective.

Why We Created Prosoria

People need a safe, effective option for treating psoriasis and preventing it from flaring up — but there wasn’t anything on the market. I was already passionate about helping people facing psoriasis, but my experience in pharmaceuticals really launched my awareness of the ingredients that would make the difference.

We literally searched the globe for ways to control inflammatory skin conditions with active treatments that would also prevent recurring flare-ups. Ideally, we wanted to do this topically because it’s a safer approach.

We traveled all over Europe and also went to places with a more non-traditional approach. We went to India, Latin America, and Asia to better understand the ingredients they use and to work alongside the people who have worked with these ingredients and proven their results clinically.

We saw how botanical ingredients dramatically improve the skin. And with regular use, they act as a maintenance approach to prevent or reduce recurring symptoms.

By combining over-the-counter approved ingredients with botanical ingredients, we found a way to relieve the symptoms of psoriasis while improving the skin condition, softness, and appearance. Prosoria not only improves psoriasis, but it also revitalizes the skin.

Plus, it’s safe enough for regular use. Rather than use harsh products as flare-ups occur, we've created a treatment regimen that becomes part of your daily routine. With every use, you revitalize the skin that’s already affected and diminish the potential for future flare-ups.

It’s More Than a Medicine

The most important thing for us is NOT selling a product. It’s about developing treatments that impact people’s lives. When we started, our philosophy was to listen, understand, and anticipate the needs of people with psoriasis and develop a product that worked to clear their skin and keep it that way. We started by talking to people in the psoriasis community — and we've stayed connected.

Our fulfillment comes from meeting individual needs and helping change lives.

I grew up around family members with chronic autoimmune disorders and I dealt with a chronic inflammatory condition for years. I've watched friends with psoriasis modify their lifestyle every time their condition gets worse. I’ve watched them deal with the chronic effects of pitted nails or joint disfigurement. These aren’t just my patients — they’re my friends and family.

Prosoria isn’t just a product — it’s a way to positively impact people’s lives. As we effectively treat the physical symptoms of psoriasis, we hope people can reclaim their self-confidence and feel better about themselves.