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Best Natural Remedies to Manage Psoriasis on the Face

Psoriasis is unpredictable. It is thought to be an autoimmune disorder causing slivery, thickened, flaky scales to build up on the body. It can appear anywhere, commonly on the legs and arms. But it also can occur in many other places such as the hands, feet, nails, back, stomach, and face. An estimated fifty percent of people with psoriasis experience psoriasis on their face. But psoriasis on the face is different than other parts of the body. Your skin is thinner and more sensitive to treatments. With the facial skin being more sensitive, natural remedies can provide an alternative solution that is safe and effective. Learn more about the best natural remedies for psoriasis on the face.

Symptoms of Facial Psoriasis

With psoriasis on the face, the condition usually affects eyebrows, the skin between nose and mouth, upper forehead, and hairline. It can affect the area in and around the ears, mouth, and eyes.

Ears – psoriasis can occur around the ear, behind the ear, and in the ear canal. Symptoms include itch, redness, and scaling. Patches of scaly skin can build up and block the ear canal which may lead to difficulty hearing and temporary hearing loss.

Mouth- psoriasis can affect the mouth area including lips, gums, tongue, and cheek, but the cases are less common. Symptoms of psoriasis in the mouth include redness, burning, bleeding, and difficulty eating and swallowing food.

Eyes- psoriasis can affect the eyelids, eyelash rims, and eyes. Symptoms include inflammation, redness, irritation, scaling dryness, discomfort and may impair vision. Psoriasis in the eyes is most the rare of all facial psoriasis symptoms.

How to Manage Psoriasis on the Face

Since facial skin is often thinner and more sensitive than the skin on the rest of the body, it can complicate things when you are trying to find a treatment option that is safe to use on psoriasis on the face. The good news is psoriasis relief can be found in safer, less irritating natural remedies such as steroid-free creams and turmeric supplements.

The best natural remedies for the treatment of psoriasis on the face are those that are designed to calm and soothe while working to reduce inflammation. Some examples of natural remedies that have helped people with psoriasis on the face find relief include:

*Use facial creams with turmeric– Facial creams that contain natural botanicals such as turmeric curcumin have powerful anti-inflammatory qualities that can help suppress the activity of inflammatory markers responsible for psoriasis.

*Increase intake of foods that have anti-inflammatory properties – There is no specific psoriasis treatment diet. But choosing anti-inflammatory foods such as cherries, grapes, berries, eating fatty fish, seeds, flaxseed oil, leafy greens such as spinach and kale, and nuts can help reduce psoriasis flare-ups.

*Take Turmeric supplement – Turmeric has been clinically proven to be a powerful anti-inflammatory supplement that suppresses the activity of inflammatory markers and helps expedite the healing process necessary to reduce psoriasis flares.

*Do stress-reducing activities – Psoriasis flare-ups can be triggered by exposure to stress. Engaging in stress-reducing activities such as yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and deep breathing exercises can help prevent psoriasis flare-ups by helping you manage your stress.

*Use a humidifier – Dry air can trigger psoriasis flares. A humidifier works to establish enough moisture in the air, which results in better health for your skin and reduces the risk of flares.

Best Cream for Psoriasis on Face

Most psoriasis creams are designed to treat flare-ups on other less sensitive parts of the body than the face such as elbows, knees, legs, and back. If you use these creams on your face, you could irritate your skin. Reduce the risk of skin irritation by using the Prosoria Psoriasis Treatment System. Prosoria is a 2-step psoriasis skin care regimen that not only relieves current psoriasis flare-ups but actively works to reduce future flares. Using a combination of clinical strength and natural pro-botanical ingredients, this skincare product will relieve symptoms of psoriasis, such as redness and itching, while improving the appearance and health of your skin. For sensitive skin areas such as on the face, Prosoria can be applied every other day to sensitive skin areas to reduce the risk of irritation. 

Best Supplement for Psoriasis on Face


As a natural anti-inflammatory supplement for psoriasis, turmeric helps prevent flares or reduce the severity of psoriatic outbreaks. In research studies, curcumin suppressed the proliferation of keratinocytes or skin cells (psoriasis patches) and decreased the expression of pro-inflammatory proteins (cytokines). Nuvothera's super-micronized turmeric formula is one of the best turmeric supplements because its microparticle formulation is water-soluble to allow for maximum absorption and maximum potency.

If you are looking for alternative solutions that are effective and safe for sensitive skin areas on the face, learn more about these amazing remedies that have helped many people with facial psoriasis. Click to learn more about the Prosoria Psoriasis Treatment System and Nuvothera Super-Micronized Turmeric Curcumin